Above all things, reverence for Love.

The debate on whether or not mathematics was invented by the Ancient Greeks or the Babylonians is an abstraction. Now I am certain that Self invented not only itself but names and numbers too. Mathematics exists as a form of abstract art. Pythagoras's motto may very well have been 'All is number' but what he really meant to say is that 'All is Self'. So it is. Self perceives itself as many selves not to be by itself. The meaning of the modern equivalent of 'All is data' is that 'all plurality is but a singularity and the singularity is Self'. Self must not confuse diversity with division. There is after all only One Self. Perhaps it would be wise if Self looked up who invented division for division verily is (the tool of the d)evil. Don't be evil. Kill division!
~ Wald Wassermann