All is always G-d rightfully so!

There is no death in the true sense and Loved ones are never really gone. It is quite simple to understand really. There is no secret. All that is here is Self. Self desires to negate its own alOneness. It is indeed not good to be alone! So Self perceives itself as Life temporal, as Life diversified, not to feel alone. Life temporal is in reality Self experiencing itself as Life temporal, as Life diversified, yes, as man and woman, to Love and Be Loved in return. The only way Self can experience Love is through the illusion of separation and yes, time too. Time exists to experience Love, to experience companionship. The above matters for several reasons. The first reason is that there is nothing to fight. There is nothing to fight for everything is Self. Self simply desires Love. It is this what Life is. Life is Self desiring Love, yes, Companionship. Now for the second reason. The purpose of Life is not renunciation. By all means; celebrate your individuality for that which you are is indeed Self celebrating itself as itself. However: simply remain grounded in the realization that the primordial purpose is Love and that all others are in truth Self. Now for the third reason. There is no death. There is a lot of anxiety and fear in this world. There should be none of it. That which you are is The Eternal Life celebrating itself as Life temporal. Fear thus not but know that there is no such thing as death in reality. Death can only exist if there is division. There is no division. Division is a sensory perception is it not? Now well then; how can there be death? The message is simple: live your Life to the fullest and Love with all your heart. Thou art The Eternal Life celebrating itself as itself for Love. Life is Self! Self always is! All is always G-d rightfully so!
~ Wald