All is always G-d!

The first noble truth in Buddhism is to understand everyone is suffering. Indeed, there is a lot of suffering, fear and anxiety in this world. The only way, in my opinion, to transcend the suffering, anxiety and fear is to realize that the individual is in truth the whole and that the whole experiences itself as individuals not to be alone. It is correct to note that there is no death. Death is an abstraction. Let me explain this through God. God experiences itself as diversified not to be alone. All diversity (all life, humankind included) is God experiencing itself as diversity, as diversified, not to be alone, for Companionship. There is as such nothing to be anxious about for the individual is in reality God experiencing itself as the individual for Companionship, for Love. What dies then? There is no such thing as death for God is eternal, i.e, God eternally gives birth to itself as Life. That which thou art is The Eternal Life experiencing itself as life temporal for Love. Love is the guiding principle. It is true. God continuously aligns itself to Love. There is ultimately nothing to fear, nothing to be anxious about, nothing to fight for that which is us is in truth The Eternal Life, God, and God is Love. In other words; all is always G-d. Have no fear. All is always G-d!
~ Wald