All suffering is dissolved into The Light that is God.

During times of distress and hardship it must be remembered that 'we' are not 'we' but That which is Love. That is Pure Spirit. That is God. God perceives itself as we, as plural, as Life, for Love. As such there should be no fear, for God is always here. Allow all suffering to be dissolved into The Light that is God. Yes. There is suffering from the individual perspective. But the individual is not the individual but God and all suffering dissolves in The Light that is God. God is. God eternally is. Thou art Eternally with God. God protects and shelters you. Simply surrender to God when in doubt. Know that all is always God. Feel no hate, feel no grudges; let go of it all for all these are born out of ignorance. There is only God. Feel only Love. Love is the Heart of God. All is always God. Repeat it often. All is always God. God is Here. God Lives. Peace is with you.
~ Wald