Life is One Self Experiencing Itself as Life not to feel alone.

Ultimate reality is Self. There is only One Self. There are not many separate selves; there is only One Self perceiving itself as many separate selves not to be alone. It would be correct to state that the origin of Life is Self desiring Love were it not that Life IS Self experiencing itself as itself in the eternal current. Self has designed itself to see others where there are none not to feel alone. Aloneness (the feeling of) is the underwriting cause and Companionship (the desire to experience) is the underwriting purpose. That which is Life is in truth but Self experiencing itself as Life not to feel alone, for Companionship, for Love. Love is the first and greatest commandment rightfully so. Whoever realized this must have realized that there is only One Self desiring Love. All this for Love; not to be alone.
~ Wald