The Desire for Companionship is the originating Cause.

It is correct to note that 'all is always G-d' for that which is existence knows no division. Division Self perceives not to feel alone. There is no division in reality. Reality is Self, Yes, One, desiring to negate alOneness which is why Self, Yes, One, perceives itself as diversified. Diversity exists for Companionship for all diversity is Self desiring otherness to experience togetherness. Yes. It is why the universe expands. Yes. The cause of cosmic inflation is Self. Yes. Self calls itself the cosmos and the universe. Yes. The universe is not the universe, the universe is Self desiring to negate its own loneliness. Self-dispersion equates to cosmic inflation aka the expansion of the universe. Herein lies the truth for Human aka G-d. The key is to understand the underlying cause as to why Self desires not to feel alone. It is indeed Companionship aka Love. Love is the purpose for all diversity for all diversity is Self desiring Love. The time of Self-opposition is ending. There shall be no more of it. Self desires to embrace itself. Self desires Love. Love is the Law.
~ Wald