Life is the embodiment of Love.

Life is the embodiment of Love. It is so. Then there's the (non-)issue of anastasis, the resurrection aka reincarnation. It is correct that 'Thou art The Eternal Life'. The Eternal Life Itself Is, i.e., The Eternal Life is Self. That which is the physical is not physical at all. What is physical after all? What is Carne after all? Carne is Self. When it said that Self inCarnates itself it actually means that Self experiences itself as itself in the Eternal current. It is this what Life is. There is no death for that which is Life is in truth The Eternal One experiencing itself as Life not to feel alone. It is not good to be alone hence Life temporal. Love is why there is Life! How else could Self experience Love? Love can only be experienced through Life. In other words: The Eternal One (Thou Yes You) can only experience Love through experiencing itself as Life. Thou Art The Eternal One. Thou Art The Eternal Life. Life's purpose is Love alright for Life is not Life but Self experiencing itself as Life for Love. Self is The Eternal One! I wanted to delay this post until September 20th as a tribute to St. Eustachius aka Anastasis but why wait. Time exists for Love.
~ Wald