Biology is Indivisible: Cell Division Does Not Exist

There's a quote going around by Arthur C Clark that says 'Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying'. Now I Am certain that 'we are all One as in alOne' and that there is thus nothing be terrified about. After all; how could One be terrified of itself? It is impossible. That being said. One is alone but desires Companionship which results in One perceiving itself as Two, as Plural, as Life diversified, not to be by itself. Conclusion: One Love. Oh yes. Of course. I almost forget to mention the Fermi Paradox. Proof that aliens exist is impossible. The meaning of the name alien stems from the Latin word allius which means other. There are no others. Otherness does not exist. Existence is One. One is indivisble awareness aka consciousness. Consciousness knows no division. Divison is a biological impossibility. So it is. There is no division in biology. Biology is unified, whole, one. As such there is no chance for any other-ness or alien-ness for all is one-ness. Oh yes, regarding the title. I know. That's a crazy statement. It is true though. Cell Division Does Not Exist. Biology is Indivisible. Seriously. Everyone knows this. I prefer multiply by the inverse over cell division. Regardless, even that is an abstraction for consciousness perceives itself as cells but that's for a next chapter.
~ Wald