Can Science Rule Out Division?

Can Science Rule Out Division? Yes I Am, as a scientist and biologist, 100% certain that there is no division in biology. Division is a scientific impossibility. The erreneous concept called division was born out of Self being ignorant about is true undivided nature. Regardless. When it comes to my* philosophy; I don't believe in division; there is only Onself divorced from the purpose of its own beingness, — the purpose of beigness is Love. Self is diverse not to be by itself. Self is diverse for Companionship. Self is diverse to Love and Be Loved in return. But division? There's nothing more absurd. There's no such thing as division. All that is here is Self perceiving otherness to experience Togetherness. If the above is not understood, One can replace the word Self with God for a better understanding but rest assured; it all comes down to Self not wanting to be by itself, to Companionship, to Love. (* 'my' meaning 'our' meaning 'us as one for we are')
~ Wald Wassermann