Death cannot exist for There is NO Division.

Is it verily true that we live forever? Yes. There is no death. Naturally it must be understood 'we' is not 'we'; 'we is Self'. How could Self not be? Nothing is more absurd. Self always is. So then what is Self? Self Itself Is. Self is consciousness. Then why do we (humankind) perceive ourselves as separate? It is a good question. Human kind is God kind and God Kind is One Kind. Humankind is not matter. Humankind is consciousness. Consciousness 'perceives' itself as matter. But matter is not matter; matter is consciousness perceiving itself as matter. Remember that Self is not matter. Self is consciousness.  Consciousness simply experiences itself as myriad signals. The signals are that which Self calls Life. Life is not separate from Self. Life is Self. Self experiences itself as variegated not to be alone. Self seeks to negate loneliness; it is why Self perceives itself as Life. But Life is verily Self. In other words: Consciousness simply seeks to negate its loneliness. Of course consciousness (Self) is awareness. Self is aware of its own aloneness and desires to negate this through spacing itself. It is this what Life is. As such Companionship is the purpose. As such Love is the purpose. Love and Companionship are synonyms. It must be understood that there is no division and as such no death. Death cannot exist for there is no division. Such is the promise of The Eternal Life. Kill the illusion that is division and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
~ Wald