Division was Born out of Ignorance.

Whoever came up with the illusory concept of division is a mad man. Who says so? I say so! Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. Division should be scrapped from all teachings for it is corrupt and an abomination. There is no such thing as division. Division does not exist. Yes. It is true that there is the perception of division but is indeed illusory. Why? It is not good to be alOne! As such the perception of otherness. Otherness serves the purpose to experience Togetherness. Togetherness is a synonym for Companionship aka Love. Love is the meaning of Life for there where is Life is One desiring not to be alOne. So it is. Diversity exists; division does not. Diversity exists for Companionship, not to be alone. It is quite alright to change the word One with anything Human-kind likes as long as it is remembered that the meaning of Life is Love and that there are no others, there is only One desiring not to be alOne.
~ Wald