Entre Nous: νοῦς et noûs are One Self.

Entre νοῦς et noûs, there is only One Self. The origin of νοῦς is νέω from néō, 'I turn' which can ultimately be reduced to I or I's variants One/Self or ו, I, וה, 1 , I AM, الله, ॐ, ੴ, God, शून्यता, 道, तत्, དང་པོའི་སངས་རྒྱས།, et al. νοῦς is Self (I). None of it matters for all that matter's Love quite literally so. Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life for Life is not Life but Self (I) desiring Companionship which results in Self (I) perceiving itself as diversified. The perception of diversity serves the purpose of Companionship. It is not Good to be alone means God desires not to be alone. As such the nature of reality. Reality is Self (I) desiring Companionship. We are not plural but singular. La pluralité est la singularité. La Singularité Se perçoit comme Pluriel pour ne pas être Seule. Nous (νοῦς) est (sommes) la Singularité. So it is. The singularity perceives itself as plural not to be alone. Self (I) perceives itself as plural not to be alone. Aloness is the cause for the perception of otherness. Otherness exists for togetherness. Togetherness is synonymous with Companionship and Love. As such νοῦς holds this truth to be Self-evident; l'Amour comme Toujours.
~ Wald