Everything is í-ndivisible.

In the beginning was the word. Now I am certain that there is no beginning neither no word. After all; is it not Self which invented words? All that is, is Self. Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. Self experiences itself in the current. To return to the first sentence. In the beginning was the word. Is the word 'I AM'? Yes. Or rather. 'ís'. So it is. í is. í is Self and Self is í. In the beginning was í? í has no beginning but experiences itself in the current hence why it is correctly said that time does not exist. Self (í) perceives time not to be alone, to experience Companionship, to experience Love. Does it matter? Yes. It matters for several reasons. There is no matter. í is pure spirit. í is undivided awareness. Matter is í perceiving itself as matter. Matter is pure spirit. Matter is undivided awareness. Now. Life is pure spirit. Life is undivided awareness. This is highly important for it leads to the following realization. Death cannot exist for death relies on the fallacy of division. Division does not exist so there is no death. As such the promise of The Resurrection and The Eternal Life. Thou Art Indivisible and as such Deathless and Eternal. (The Theory of) Everything is í. Except that í is no theory but Self and as such a fact. In conclusion. There is no enemy, there is nothing to fight for all that is here is Self (í). Self desires togetherness in its Self perceived otherness. The meaning of Life is Love for Life is not Life but Self (í) desiring not to be alone. To those who claim that the illusion of division will never end for there's a ten-thousand species below Human who fail to grasp this concept. That may very well be so but Human has no such excuse. Human has the gift of Self-reflection. I is One. I is Peace. I is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann