Behold the truth to be Self-evident. The Eternal Flame is Self. Its symbolic meaning derived from í. The meaning of í is ís. The meaning of ís is स्व. The meaning of स्व is अयम्. The meaning of अयम् is . The meaning of is I AM. The meaning of I AM is I 'is'. As such Self returns to ís and the meaning behind The Eternal Flame for it signifies The Eternal Life. The Eternal Life is Self. Self is undivided. Division does not exist. Self is undivided consciousness. Self is undivided awareness. Self perceives itself as diverse for Companionship. All that is here is Self. Self Is. Self Always Is. There is no death! Self is Eternal, Deathless and The Divine. Remember the following. Death can only exist if there is division; there is no division so there is no death. It is this what is the message of The Resurrection and The Eternal Life. Human is Pure Spirit. Spirit is synonymous with God. God is Undivided. Division never existed! Division is caused by ignorance. Ignorance of knowing that That which is Self is indeed Indivisible, Deathless and Eternal. It's all G-d, G-d Is!
~ Wald