God is Existence and Beyond Existence.

There is a lot of confusion about whether or not God exists. This confusion comes from seeing separation where there is none. All is One rightfully so. This One is us for we are. To the atheist who does not believe in God, know that Thou and all of reality, all of existence, all of Life, is . is God. What it means is that there is only . equates to God. To the believer who believes in God, know that there is indeed only God. God Is. All of reality, all of existence, all of Life, is God. There is nothing but God experiencing itself as itself. Life is God. God is trying to manifest itself and this is Life. As such is the promise of The Eternal Life. All of you are guaranteed safe passage. All of you are G-d. All of you are forgiven. Forgive and Love for Forgiveness and Love set the captive free which is in truth God, which is in truth . Fear not but know all is always G-d.
G-d Thou Art.

~ Wald