Heaven and Earth are One.

Love forever claims you, because you are this movement of Love, and you are granted the endless miracle of experiencing yourself as the wholeness, of being the climax of Creation, of accepting that you are glorious. All of it is here and forever true. There is nowhere you must look, nowhere to seek to go, nothing you need grow into any more. There is simply the return to the Now Moment and the truth of God I Am that is fully here, woven into the whole of Love and singing the song of life individuated and yet, eternally intertwined with the wholeness and the unity of Love. My Message to you is that it is already done. Heaven and Earth are One and the same. The moment that the scales fall from your eyes, the moment that your heart is allowed to be your vehicle for your experience of life, the moment that you say 'Yes' to being that which you truly are – in that moment which is ever Now, you are free to be this oneness.

Yael and Doug Powell, Circle of Light