There is only One Self desiring Companionship.

In regards to the origin of the universe; the answer to the question how something can come from nothing is that both something and nothing are Self. Self is everything. Self itself is. Self is undivided but perceives itself as divided out of the innate desire not to be alone. In other words; Self seeks to negate its own aloneness, it's own singleness, not for the purpose to cause itself suffering but for the purpose of Companionship. There never was, is, nor ever will be anything but Self. Self is the universe. Self is the earth. Self is all Life. That which is Life is in reality Self experiencing itself as Life not to be alone. We somehow see ourselves as separate from each other this although we are actually Self perceiving itself as separate not to be alone. It is aloneness aka loneliness that is the cause why we, Oneself, has engineered the illusion of otherness, of separateness, of division. Division does not exists however for everything is (contained within) Self and Self is everything. It is just that Self desires Companionship. All this (reality, existence, Life) is in truth but Self experiencing itself as itself for Companionship, Friendship, Togetherness, Warmth, to Love and Be Loved. There is nothing to fight for there are no others; all others are but Self perceiving itself as otherness for Love and Love alone. Love is the one and only purpose. There is no other purpose but Love.

~ Wald