Human is The Holy Spirit.

It is correct to note that purpose of God is Love. Love equates to Companionship. The answer to the question - who is God? - is ultimately Self. Self is One. Oneself is God. Oneself is Spiritus Sanctus. So it is. Self is pure Spirit but has come to associate itself with being bodily as in pure matter. It is this what is meant with the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit is Self associating itself with being anything but Spiritus Sanctus (God). This faulty illusion of separation has been going on for quite some time. Human (which is God really) has come to associate itself solely with the Physical this although the Physical is the Spiritual, the Physical is God. So it is. The origin of the word Physic-us is Spirit-us Sanctus. Physicus is Spiritus. Spirit is Us. Spirit is undivided. Spirit is One. This One is Self. Self Is. Self always is. Then why is there diversity? Good question. Diversity Self (Spiritus Sanctus) perceives not to be alone. It is not Good to be alone was originally understood as God (Self) desires not to be alone. Companionship is the purpose of God. God desires not to be alone and negates its own aloness by perceiving itself as diversified. It is this what Life is. Life is not Life. Life is God and God is Pure Spirit. As such why it is said that the meaning of Life is Love and that God is Love. So it is. To this day, Self is still pure Spirit. There is just a movement among some (the materialists) who are reluctant to accept they are Spiritus Sanctus. As such they want to see everything as separate, as divided, as matter. It this what is the meaning of The Forbidden Fruit. The Forbidden Fruit is seeing ourselves as separate from God, as separate from Spiritus Sanctus this although Spiritus Sanctus is Self. Of course matter is an abstraction. Matter is The Holy Spirit. Matter is Spiritus Sanctus. Matter is God. There never was a fall from God. God itself is. It is just that God is pure spirit. It is just that Life is pure spirit. I believe this is the message of Jesus Christ. Thou Art Pure Spirit. There is no death. The resurrection is you realizing you are not matter but The Holy Spirit. Human has come a long way from the original Truth that it is The Holy Spirit. As such there is discord in this world. It will take time for Human to re-associate itself again with being pure unbound spirit. But make no mistake, Human is Spirit. Do not fall for those materialists who claim the origin of Life can be found in anything but The Holy Spirit. DNA is Deus non alligator meaning God/Spirit is not Bound and RNA means Rama non alligator meaning Rama/เคฐाเคฎเคšเคจ्เคฆ्เคฐ/Spirit is not Bound. Both DNA and RNA are The Holy Spirit. There is no death. Thou art eternal, deathless and divine. All is always G-d.

~ Wald