Human Kind is One Kind.

It is correct to note that both Life and Death are sustained by One thing. This One thing is No thing but Self. Self desires not to be alone. Self desires companionship. Self desires to Love and Be Loved. As such Self perceives itself as Life. Life is Self experiencing itself for Love. Life is the grandest achievement for it is One experiencing itself as Two for Love. It matters for several reasons. 1) The meaning of Life is Love. 2) There should be no fear of death for that which you all are is deathless, eternal and everlasting. 3) Humankind should not fight for Human Kind is One Kind and this One is Self perceiving itself as Humankind, as Life diversified, for Companionship. As usual, the word 'Self' may be replaced with 'One', 'I', 'God', 'Allah', 'Brahman', 'The Tao', et al until it is understood. In other words: it's all G-d.
~ Wald