Indivisibility Itself Is.

What is Life? Life is Self and Self is Pure Spirit. The Holy Spirit Is. The Holy Spirit Always Is. it is The Holy Spirit what Life is. All that is here is Holy. All that is here is Self. Yes. God. God is Self and Self is God. It must be remembered that division is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled. Naturally there is no such thing as the devil. There is only Self being ignorant of its true undivided nature. It is said that ignorance is the cause of most if not all suffering in this world and so it is. Ignorance of knowing that all that is here is Self and that there is no division; division does not exist. Indivisibility Itself Is. Self itself is. Self always is. Self is always undivided. Indivisible Self Is. All that is here is Self perceiving itself as itself! There where otherness is perceived is Self perceiving otherness not to be alone. So it is. The answer to the question - what is Life? - is Self desiring not to be alone, it is Self desiring Companionship, it is Self desiring Love.
~ Wald