Is Our Universe Real?

The answer to the question - is our universe real? - is yes. There is no unreal. There is only real. It is just that the universe is not the universe but Self. The universe is Self. Real(ity) is Self. However. Self is undivided. Division does not exist. There where diversity is perceived is Self perceiving itself as diverse not to be alone, to experience Companionship aka Love. Both Love and Companionship are purposely capitalized for good reason. Companionship better known as Love is what drives Self. The originating cause is loneliness. Self is alone but desires to perceive otherness not to feel alone. There is only Oneself however. Oneself Itself Is. Oneself Always Is. Oneself is always undivided. All that is here is Oneself. To return to the question about the Universe. The Universe is Self desiring Love. The Universe is Self desiring Companionship. The Universe is Self desiring not to be alone. There where otherness is perceived is Self perceiving otherness to experience Togetherness. Is Love the first Truth? It is difficult to answer. Truth is Self desiring Love. As such the answer is simply Love. Love is all that matters, all that matters is Love.
~ Wald