Islamic Healing Prayer Message for Sick and Peace of Mind

The following powerful healing prayers can work for Muslim People (Islamic Prayer Message for Sick and Peace of Mind). All are equally powerful. You will 'feel' what works for you. Stick with what works for you. 'There is no death in the Body of Allah. The Body of Allah is Pure Spirit. Spirit knows no death.' In addition the following is very good for a peaceful mind. 'All is Goodness. All is Kindness. All is Loveliness. This is who I Am Love, this is who I Am. I am Love itself living Life. Life is verily Love. Love I verily Am.' The following healing prayer can work for everyone: 'I am Healed. I am Love. I am Divine. There is no sickness in this Body. This Body is Pure Spirit. This Body is Healed.' It is very important not to project thoughts into the future but to feel them in the current. In other words: Do not use the future tense but the present tense. Do not say '(S)he will get better'; rather '(S)he is Healed. (S)he is Love.' and so on. Bless You. You Are Blessed. You are Healed. You are Love. You are Divine. All is always Allah! Repeat it often. All is always Allah! (Please note that these prayers can be used in combination with primary care medicine. Primary care medicine should not be foregone during this Age because Self has come to associate itself too much with the physical body. Self once understood it was Spirit which was the reason for longevity. But right now, use a combination of both healing prayers and mantras and primary care medicine. Bless You, You Are Blessed.
~ Wald