Life is Pure Spirit; Death Does NOT Exist.

It must be noted that I is impartial to any religion. However, I is not to keen on the confusion in this world about the valid message expressed by Jesus Christ about the Resurrection also known as The Eternal Life. The message of Jesus Christ about the Resurrection is true. There is no death in The Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is God. God is Spirit. Spirit knows no death. The message of Jesus Christ is that 'Life is Pure Spirit' aka 'The Eternal Life' and as such deathless, eternal and everlasting. It is correct that we* return to God during deep sleep. It is correct that we return to God after we die. There is no death in reality for that which is Life and Death are both God. It is a high truth but it is the truth. God Itself Is. God Always Is. It is this what existence is. It is this what Life is. As to the purpose of Life? It is Love. God desires not to be alone. It is not good to be alone. As such the purpose of Life. The meaning- and purpose of Life is Love aka Companionship. Hence why The Gospel of Love is correct: 'Love one another, there is no other, truth is God desiring Love'. All that is here is God. There is only God. All this for Love, not to be alone! Please note that there have been thousands of other avatars besides Christ. It must always be remembered that there is no division in God. Quite the contrary; God perceives itself as Life diversified this not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. Simply know all is God and feel only Love. (* Christ is God)
~ Wald