Life is Self and Division Does Not Exist.

The debate on what came first, the chicken or the egg, is irrelevant and stems from ignorance. Existence is One, Unified and Undivided. Division is a sensory illusion. Find out who perceives itself as variegated and you will find the answer as to who came first. The truth is Self. It is Self which perceives itself as diversified, as variegated, not to feel alone. Aloneness aka loneliness is the cause and Companionship aka Love is the purpose. Of course Self is Consciousness. Of course Self is Life. Consciousness is undivided but desires to negates its own aloneness. Of course Self is undivided but desires to negate its own aloneness. What it ultimately means is that there is only One Self desiring Love. Love equates to Companionship. All this not to feel alone; to be able to experience Companionship! In conclusion: Existence aka Reality aka Life is Self desiring Love. Love is the purpose of Life for Life is Self desiring Love.
~ Wald