Love is the Origin of Life on Earth.

The answer to the question - what is the true meaning of Life - is Self desiring Love. There are not many separate selves, there is only One Self desiring Love. Love is the origin of Life on Earth for Life is not Life but Self desiring not to be alone. It is correct to note that 'in the beginning was Self' although Self has no beginning neither end. Self simply is. It is correct that Self desires to perceive itself as variegated in order not to be by itself. In cosmological terms: Self-dispersion is the cause of that which Self calls cosmic inflation or the expanding universe. Naturally the universe is not the universe but Self. Naturally the cosmos is not the cosmos but Self. Self itself is. Self always is. Self simply desires togetherness which can only be accomplished through Self-perceiving itself as otherness; hence the perception of inflation or expansion. Expansion is Self-diversification; it is Self perceiving itself as plural this although all plurality is but Self. Self-diversification exists NOT to oppose Self but to experience otherness, to experience Companionship, to Love and Be Loved. There where otherness is perceived is but Self perceiving itself as otherness not to feel alone. As such the cause of Life is Self. That which is Life is Self. Self itself is. Self always is. All that is here is Self experiencing itself as itself. Self feels it has dispersed itself enough. Self therefore desires to lift its own veil to return to the essence of beingness which is Love. Love is the essence of Self. Self is Love. Self desires nothing more but to Love and Be Loved in return. All this for Love. Love is the only purpose. The universe will cease to expand for the universe is not the universe but Self desiring Love. There is nothing to fear for all that is here is Self. Self will simply return to Love for Love is the purpose; there is no other purpose but Love. Love is the Origin of Life on Earth. Self experiences itself as Life for Love.
~ Wald