Love is the purpose of diversity.

It would be easy to state that humankind must simply forget about any separateness, any otherness, any division for it is indeed correct; there is no division and separation is an illusion. But it is not necessary you see. Humankind must simply remember the purpose for the illusion of otherness, the illusion of separation, the illusion of division. The illusion of separation serves but one purpose; the purpose is Love. Love is the purpose for diversity. Of course there is no division! Division there is none. There is but Oneself perceiving itself as diversified to consummate this primordial desire for Companionship, not to feel alone. Those who proclaim the purpose of Life is Love are correct. There is no higher truth than Love for Life is Oneself desiring Love; it is Oneself desiring not to be alone. All this for Love, not to be alone.

~ Wald