Love is the Underwriting Purpose.

When it comes to climate change everyone is entitled to their opinion and there sure are a lot of opinions to choose from. Perhaps it would be wise to step back from the trees to see the forest in its totality. Totality is undivided. For now it is mostly accepted that God is totality, that God is reality, that God is existence. For those who have a hard time understanding this concept we can simply exchange the word God with One or Self for Self is undivided; there is only Oneself. But it doesn't really matter. What matters is Love; the desire not to feel alone. In order to understand why reality is as it is we must first understand that God desires not to feel alone. Again; please feel free to use the word One or Self instead. God desires to negate its aloneness which is why God perceives itself as variegated, as reality, as diverse. We must thus conclude that God aligns itself to Love for Companionship is indeed the primordial desire that overrides or rather underwrites its own manifest reality. It is this why it is said that Love is the first commandment for there is nothing but God desiring Love aka Companionship. God aligns itself to Love, constantly. Perhaps it would be wise for Humankind to align itself according to this underwriting purpose. In other words; the goal of Humankind should not be industry for the sake of industry itself, no, industry instead should be aligned to the primordial underwriting purpose of Companionship aka Love. Nothing special is required. All that is required is a new state of mind centered around the essence of beingness. 'I=Love'; very simple, very true for Love stands central between I and You.
~ Wald