Love Never Dies

False association with the body alone teaches us that nothing lasts forever and that we, the individual, only live once. We are told that 'this too will pass'. All of these are fallacies stemming from ignorance. Ignorance of knowing that that which we are is Eternal, deathless and timeless. In order to understand we must first understand that all duality is merely Oneself perceiving itself as dual not to be alone. What it means is that any perceived plurality is in truth but a singularity and that this singularity is in reality Oneself. It is Oneself which perceives itself as Life diversified in the current not to be alone. That which is Life is in truth Oneself experiencing itself as plurality, as Life, as man and woman not to alone. What is born then? What dies then? Oneself eternally is merely changing in form. That which is you is The Eternal One embodying itself as itself simply to consummate this primordial desire to Love and Be Loved. If we, as individuals, are stuck in the illusion of duality, the illusion of separateness; if we perceive day as separate from night, light as separate from dark, man as separate from woman, we naturally live our Life in fear, in anxiety, in stress. There is in truth nothing to be anxious about. There is in truth nothing to be afraid about. Fear stems from seeing separation where there is none. Everything is in reality Oneself perceiving itself as plural not to be alone. Aloneness is the cause and Companionship is the purpose. Yes it is true; Companionship equates to Love. It is the same. In conclusion; fear not but know that thou art The Eternal Life. It is true that Love never dies. Simply feel Love. Love is the purpose for Life diversified. Life diversified is Oneself desiring Love. It's all G-d.

~ Wald