Loving Embrace

All the World’s a stage for it is the Word that stages itself as the World not to be by itself, for Companionship, for Love. The World is the Word made manifest meaning I and the father is One and all diversity is Self-desired and Self-perceived for Love. See the gospel of יעשואַ and कृष्ण as well as those of a ten-thousand of other Love waves that Self; the Ocean of Love bore forth. Naturally Self is in reality non-dual for Self is One. It is just that Self does not want to be by itself (it is not G-d to be alone) and will do, as such, anything to negate loneliness aka aloneness. Aloneness aka loneliness is the cause and Companionship is the purpose. Hence polarity or the appearance of opposites. All opposites, all polarity is in reality Self playing with itself out of the desire to experience Companionship aka Love. All (this) is Self embracing itself out of (the desire/need for) Love (प्रेमालिंगन). Love verily the purpose; the purpose verily Love. This is the meaning of the Age of Aquarius or the Satyug. Wakey wakey Self says to itself; awake o sleepy head and remember your very own purpose; the purpose of Self is not to fight itself, the purpose of Self is Love. The Age of Aquarius or the Sat Yuga is thus the Age of Love; it is the age of re-awakening, it is the age of remembrance... the age when Self remembers it is One (Truth is Simple) and that its purpose is Love. Hence One Love. In nuce: God is (diverse not to oppose itself but for) Love. Meaning. Self is (diverse not to oppose itself but for) Love*. (* Love equates to Aimitié meaning Companionship, Friendship, Togetherness, Warmth).
~ Wald