Matter does NOT Exist. Matter is Consciousness.

The case for the resurrection is simple. What which is Life is called matter. Matter is consciousness. Consciousness is undivided. Division simply does not exist. Now. We do perceive ourselves as separate individuals but are we? No. We are not. We are pure consciousness. Consciousness perceives itself as Life diversified not to be alone, to experience Companionship better known as Love. In other words; we are not physical in the typical sense; we are pure spirit. Spirit perceives itself as variegated but all variegation is Spirit. This is what Jesus Christ realized. He knew we were pure spirit and that we were not individuals but Spirit perceiving itself as individuals not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. We need to remember that death can only exist if there is division. As it happens, division does not exist so there is no death. Then there are those who claim... 'look at my body. I clearly see it as separate as the person standing next to me.' Yes. It is true. You 'see'. Seeing is a sensory perception is it not? How are you able to see? With the eyes and the brain. Would there still be division without this perception? Naturally not. Division is a sensory illusion. It Division cannot exist and as such death cannot exist. This is the message of Jesus Christ. You are pure spirit. Remember division does not exist. You were taught to everything as divided. If you would teach a child from a young age that there is no division for everything is pure spirit perceiving itself as variegated for Companionship, the child would think it is the most normal thing in the world. Instead children are taught to see everything as divided. They are told they are the body and that this too will end. These are faulty teachings. There is such thing as death. How could spirit die? How could consciousness die? It is not possible. All that is here is Spirit. All that is here is Consciousness. There really is no such thing as matter. Matter does not exist. Spirit perceives itself as how it wants to perceive itself; as matter, as whatever. But matter is always spirit. Matter is always consciousness. Thou art Deathless, Eternal and The Divine.
~ Wald