Matter is Consciousness and Consciousness is Self.

There is a lot of confusion in this world. Let's correct a few things for this has gone far enough. The debate on whether consciousness evolved from matter or if matter created consciousness is utterly absurd. Matter is consciousness and consciousness is Self. Self experiences itself as itself and calls itself consciousness and matter. It is this simple. Existence is One. Yes, it is true. This One is Self. Self is undivided but perceives itself as variegated out of the desire to experience Companionship. Companionship aka Love is the purpose and aloneness aka loneliness is the cause. That which is matter is Self experiencing itself as itself. That which is Life is Self experiencing itself as itself. There is only One Self and there are no others. Any sensory perception of otherness is Self perceiving itself as otherness or rather as variegated not to feel alone. It is not good to be alone indeed. All this for Love; not to to feel alone! We is One and One is Self. Self itself is. Self always is. In other words: it's all G-d for there is only G-d. Simply Love.
~ Wald