Matter is God Perceiving Itself as Matter.

The answer to the question - what to do when everything falls apart? - is to remember that there are no parts but that One perceives itself as parts not to be alOne. What it means is that there is only God and that God perceives itself as variegated not to be alone. At first sight, it certainly appears that everything falls apart but does it really? Then where do those parts end up? Are there parts to begin with? Naturally not for there is only God. God desires not to be alone. God desires Companionship. God desires to Love and Be Loved. It is why God perceives itself as variegated. All variegation verily is God. There is a lot of suffering in this world but much of it is caused by seeing division where there is none. Ideally it would be wise for Humankind to remember it is but One and that One perceives itself as Two, as plural, as Life diversified, as Man and as Woman, for Love. Love being synonymous with Companionship. To see division is to be ignorant about the true nature of God. Then there are some who don't believe in God and who say 'God does not exist'. To them we can say that existence is One. One is not external. One is Self. Self is undivided Consciousness. Self is undivided Awareness. Consciousness perceives itself as diverse to consummate this innate longing not to be alOne. For those who reply that it is impossible, that there is only this matter called the individual. Let it be known that there is no such thing as matter. Matter does not exist. Matter is consciousness perceiving itself as Matter. All there is is One consciousness. As such we return to God. All there is is God. God Is. God Always Is.
~ Wald