Of course the meaning of Life is Love.

Of course the meaning of Life is Love. The question if Love preceded Life or if Life preceded Love is an abstraction. What is Life after all? Life is Self desiring Love. There is only Oneself and division there is none. Love is as such the first and greatest commandment regardless of any religion or creed. It is quite easy to understand. Existence is One, Unified and Whole meaning that there is no division whatsoever. Sure, it seems that we, the individuals, are somehow separate from the whole but the whole perceives itself as the individuals not to be alone! Interesting is it not? Let me explain this another way.  The question as to - what causes the perception of separation, division, otherness - is the individual's mind/body complex is it not? Now. Who would have engineered all this? Why would there be such a necessity to see division or otherness where there is none? The answer is simple. There is only One Self. Self experiences itself as itself but desires to perceive itself as variegated not to be alone. Self is always One without a second. There is no division. Division is a sensory illusion serving the purpose of Companionship aka Love. The sensory illusion of division is Self-engineered NOT to cause suffering, NOT to cause discord, NOT to cause anxiety, no, Self has engineered itself to experience itself as variegated not to feel alone, for Companionship, for Friendship, to Love and Be Loved. All that ever was, is and ever will be is Self desiring Love. Love is the purpose of Life for Life is Self desiring Love.
~ Wald