Otherness exists for Togetherness.

Humankind needs to understand that it is but Onekind perceiving itself as Humankind not to be alone. There where is two is but One. One perceives itself as two for Companionship. There where is plurality is but a singularity. The singularity perceives itself as plural(ity) not to feel alone. There where is Life diversified is but Self perceiving itself as Life diversified to Love and Be Loved in return. What it means is the following. Otherness exists for togetherness. Togetherness can only be experienced through otherness. It may sound like a paradox but it is not. There is only One Self perceiving itself as Two Selves, as Man and Woman, as Life, for the very purpose to Love and Be Loved in return. Yes. Companionship! To see division is to be ignorant about the true nature of Life. Life is not Life. Life is Self experiencing itself as Life not to feel alone, for Companionship, for Love. That which is called Śūnyatā is Self desiring not to feel alone; it is Self desiring Companionship. It is this what Life is! All this for Love, not to feel alone. There is no-one to fight for thou art (the) One desiring not to be alOne. The true meaning- and purpose of Life is Love.
~ Wald