Paradise Not Lost.

It is correct to note that Self is undifferentiated consciousness. However; it is even more correct to note that Self is consciousness perceiving itself as differentiated this for the purpose not to feel alone, to experience Companionship otherwise known as Love. Naturally there is only Oneself. Oneself simply desires Companionship which is why Self perceives itself as differentiated. Differentiation exists for Companionship. All that is required for Humankind* is to (re)align itself to its own existential purpose. The purpose is Love. What is required? Remembering there is no division and that Self perceives itself as diverse for the purpose not to be alone. So it is. There are no others. Otherness is Self-perceived to experience Togetherness. Miracles happen instantaneously when Self remembers there is only One Self and that division does not exist. Now I Am certain that climate change can be as such immediately resolved. (* Self).
~ Wald