Reality is Self desiring Love.

There appears to be a lot of confusion in this world but overall I would say 'we' are doing very Good. Good as in God. After all; there is only God. It is just that God is Self. Self itself is. Of course Self is undivided. Division there is none. There is only Self perceiving itself as Life diversified not to be alone. As such it is correct to note that the meaning- and purpose of Life is Love for Life is Self experiencing itself as Life diversified for Love, not to be alone. In conclusion: reality is Self perceiving itself as differentiated not to cause itself suffering, anxiety or fear, no, the one and only purpose is Love. Love equates to Companionship, Friendship, Togetherness. As such all scriptures are basically correct. There is nothing to fear neither is there anyone to fight but ignorance. Ignorance of knowing that there is only Oneself desiring Companionship, desiring Love, desiring not to be alone. I believe it is Mr. E. who said that education starts in the cradle so I guess it is up to leadership to continue to educate- and ultimately protect the flock from itself. Love is the message, the message is always Love. There are no others; truth is Oneself desiring Love. Simplified; it's all G-d, all is always G-d.
~ Wald