Reality is Self Desiring Love.

It is correct to note that there is only One Self.  There is only One undivided Self which desires to perceive itself as divided not to be alone, to experience Companionship. Companionship is as such the purpose of Life. The answer to the question - what is Life? - is Self. Life is Self experiencing itself as variegated, as diversified, as man and as woman, not to be feel alone; to experience Companionship, to experience Love. Life is Self desiring Love. Life is Self desiring Companionship. Life is Self desiring Friendship. Life is Self desiring Togetherness. Life is Self embracing itself. There is no death for Life is not Life but The Eternal Life itself. Life Temporal is The Eternal Life experiencing itself as Life Temporal to Love and Be Loved in return. Self always is. In other words: All is always G-d.
~ Wald