General Relativity vs Quantum Mechanics? I=LOVE!

The two greatest theories of the 20th century that are general relativity and quantum mechanics are not contractionary for they all lead to the same truth. After all; Truth is One Self. Self Itself Is. Self Always. Self perceives itself as itself. There is no separation, there is no division. Self perceives itself as variegated not to feel alone. Aloneness aka loneliness is the cause and Love aka Companionship is the purpose. There where is the Universe is but Self desiring Love. There where is Life is but Self desiring Love. Love is the meaning of Life for Life is not Life but Self desiring Love. All this for Love; not to feel alone. It is indeed not good to be (feel) alone. Hence why Self perceives itself as diversified. Diversity exists for Companionship. All that is here Self (I). I is for I is. E=mc2? Hold your horses. There is only I. The equation is 'I=Love'.
~ Wald