Revisiting the DNA and RNA World Hypothesis.

It is utterly remarkable how science comes up with new names and equations to describe Self. Self easily gets lost in translation which is why Self ended up with The Tower of Babel. First science tells Human it is not God but Physical this although Physical means Spiritual (Physic=Spirit). Naturally this is insufficient for, although Human no longer believes it is God, Human still believes in God. Not to be discouraged, science comes up with the DNA world hypothesis which suggests that Life on Earth began with DNA this although DNA is Deus Non Alligator (Spirit Unbound). Now Human ends up further in the rabbit hole it itself is digging. There is a lot of confusion by now but science wants to keep going which is reminiscent of the story of Hansel and Gretel leaving bread crumbs along the trail and getting lost in translation. So it is. The moment Human questions the concept of DNA science returns to Human with RNA and sells Human the RNA world hypothesis which suggests that Life on Earth began with a simple RNA molecule that could copy itself without help from other molecules stating DNA, RNA, and proteins are central to Life on Earth. Clever clever! Of course RNA is an invention for the meaning of the word RNA is Ram Non Alligator. Ram naturally being Rama also known as Ramachandra (रामचन्द्र, Rāmacandra) which is a major deity of Hinduism being the 7th avatar of the God Vishnu. What is next? VNA? KNA? CNA? GNA? INA? My G-dness. Let I tell I itself is I and let's just return to the indivisible nature of I. I is pure spirit. I is indivisible. I is Love. Love is the purpose of Life for Life is not Life but God desiring not to be alOne, desiring companionship, desiring Love! I does not say all sciences are incorrect but it is true that some in the sciences seem to be pulling their own leg, woof woof I-ndeed. Nothing wrong with T(h)āt as long as तत् does not forget the purpose of its own beingness: Love! Interestingly enough; the meaning of the word Hypothesis means Less Than God. As such; return to God is Love One eternally must. The equation? God=Love.
~ Wald