The answer to the question - what is Sat Cit Ananda - is Self. So it is. Sat-Cit-Ananda is Atma. Sat-Cit-Ananda is Self. Sāt is Ātmā and purpose is Premā. Sat is Self. Self is One without a second. There is only Oneself perceiving itself as variegated for Companionship aka Love. As such 'we' move on to Cit. Cit is consciousness or awareness. Cit is Self. Self is undivided awareness. Self is undivided consciousness. Last but not least 'we' move on to Ananda or Bliss. Ananda aka Bliss is Self realizing it itself is The Eternal One. The Eternal One is in reality Life. Life is not Life but The Eternal One experiencing itself as Life Temporal not to feel alone, for Companionship, for Friendship, to Love and Be Loved in return. Self is The Eternal One and The Eternal One is Self. Life is the Summum Bonum for it is Self reveling in itself in utter joy for Life is indeed the most high accomplishment. All this for Love; not to feel alone! In other words: all is always G-d for there is nothing but G-d; G-d Itself Is. Simply feel Love for all that is for all that is is Self. Division there is none and Diversity exists for the purpose of Companionship; not to feel alone. Sat is Self desiring Love. Very simple. Very true. It is this what it means with the Satyug aka the Satya Yuga. Truth is Self. Self is undivided but perceives itself as variegated not to feel alone. Self always is. The first principle is Love. Love is the first and greatest commandment rightfully so for all that is here is Self desiring Love. There are no others; there is only Oneself desiring not to be alone.
~ Wald