All variegation is Self perceiving itself as variegated.

The answer to the question - who or what caused the first cause - is Self. Who or what is Self. Self is the cause of itself. All that is here is Self. Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. Self is Undivided. Self perceives itself as variegated not to be alone. Self perceives itself as variegated for Companionship. Self perceives itself as variegated to Love and Be Loved in return. All diversity is Self perceiving itself as differentiated not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. Love being synonymous with Companionship. To argue about Self not being the first cause is absurd for Self is always One without a second. In other words One is always 1 as in First. Self may argue with itself all it wants as long as Self remembers the underwriting purpose is Companionship. Finally, it must me remembered that Self has invented all names, numbers and symbols. All symbols, numbers and names are Self. Self may call itself anything it wants but it will always be (it) Self. Simply remain present to the purpose. The purpose is Love. There is no other purpose but Love. Love is the first and greatest commandment rightfully so.
~ Wald