Self Itself Is; Isness is Oneself!

How does something come from nothing and create everything when there isn't anything to begin with? All these questions stem from ignorance. What is something after all? What is nothing after all? All there is, all there ever has been and all there ever will be is Self. Self is One.  Oneself is. Isness is Oneself! What else is there to understand except but One's purpose. Purpose is Love. Yes, Love! Why? It is Oneself which desires not to be alone. It is Oneself which desires Companionship. It is Oneself which desires to Love and Be Loved. All this, reality, existence, life, the universe, is but Oneself desiring Love! Love one another for there is no other. Truth is Oneself desiring Love. Love is the purpose for Life diversified. Life diversified is Oneself desiring Love. There where is plurality is but a singularity and this singularity is Oneself desiring Love!
~ Wald