Overcoming Fear and Anxiety by Surrendering to God.

The answer to the question - how to overcome fear and anxieties? - is to surrender to God. It is correct that there is a lot of fear and anxiety in this world. The following must be remembered. Believe in God for there is only God. God Is. God Always Is. There is no separation in God. God is undivided but perceives itself as variegated not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. That which you are verily is God. Fear stems from seeing yourself as separate from God. Fear stems from seeing yourself as divided from God. Fear disolves like a fog in the sun once it is realized that there is no such thing as division. Division does not exist. If there is no division, there is nothing to fear neither anything to be anxious about. Seeing yourself as separate from God causes Separation-angst which is totally unneeded for there really is only God. Rest assured that division does not exist. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. Division is a construct of modern man who sees itself as separate from God, as separate from itself. Sure, there is diversity but diversity serves the purpose of Companionship aka Love which is why it is said that God is Love. The easiest way to get rid of anxieties and fear is thus to surrender to God. Do not get distracted by those who claim the existence of God cannot be proven for they are ignorant of their true undivided Godly nature, their true undivided Self. Self is always One with God. God is always One without division. Division does not exist in God and since there is only God you will (as a bonus) come to realize the message of Jesus Christ about The Eternal Life aka The Resurrection. You truly are deathless, eternal and forever sheltered and embraced by God. You can realize The Eternal Life now. You can realize God now. Why wait until after death? Realize God now and get rid of all these useless worries and anxieties. God is with you. So it is. You have nothing to fear. Simply surrender to God. God Is. God always Is. All is always G-d! Repeat this sentence often.
All is always G-d!

~ Wald