That which you are is Eternal.

Almost everything you were taught about Life is wrong. Birth and death are abstractions too! That which you are is Eternal. There is no death and loved ones are never really gone! Then what is Life? Life is Self. Self perceives itself as Life temporal to Love and Be Loved in return! That which is Life is in truth Self experiencing itself as variegated, as diversified, as man and woman, to consummate this innate desire to Love and Be Loved in return. Love can only be experienced through Otherness is it not? But Otherness is a sensory illusion is it not? Well then... Self has created the sensory illusion of otherness for the very purpose to experience togetherness. Incredible is it not? The truth is so simple. There is only Self. Self experiences itself as Life to experience Love, or rather, Self calls itself Life for Life is Self in reality. All this for Love!
~ Wald