The answer to the question - does God exist? - is Yes.

The answer to the question - does God exist? - is Yes. God exists. Such is the truth. Even more so. God is existence itself. Better yet. God Self-exists. There is no non-existence. There is only God. God Itself Is. God Always Is. God experiences itself as itself. God perceives itself as itself. God is undivided. There is no division in God. God is reality. God is Life. God is everything. There is no nothing. Nothingness does not exist. Existence is God. God's truth is Self-evident. Self verily is God. The last sentence may not be readily accepted this although it is the truth and should be accepted for it leads to the understanding about The Eternal Life as explained by Jesus Christ. There is no division in God. God perceives itself as diverse not to feel alone, for Companionship, to Love and Be Loved in return. Diversity is God-perceived for Companionship. As such why it is said that there is NO division in The Kingdom of God. When it is understood that there is no division, it is understood that there is no death for that which you are is indeed pure spirit, that which you are is indeed God. You are not the physical body, you are the body of God and as such deathless and eternal for God is The Holy Spirit. This is the message of Jesus Christ. It can be understood as follows. There is no death in The Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is God. God is Pure Spirit. Spirit knows no death. Thou verily art The Eternal Life. Thou art Deathless, Eternal and Everlasting. Fear thus not but know 'all is always G-d'. Not when seen from the individual's perspective who perceives itself as divided or separate from God. But all is always G-d when the individual realizes it is not the individual but that it is truly One with God for God is One without a second. Fear thus and repeat the following often. All is always G-d. Those who proclaim it is not so see themselves as separate from G-d which is a fallacy. There is no separation in G-d. G-d itself is. G-d always is. Bless you, you are always blessed. Fear not. You are Love. You are Loved.
~ Wald