The Cause and Purpose of Everything is Self.

The answer to the question - what is the cause and purpose of everything? - is Self desiring not to feel alone, it is Self desiring Companionship, it is Self desiring to Love and Be Loved in return. Self is the cause of itself. All that is here is Self experiencing itself as itself. There are not many selves, there are not two selves, there is only One Self experiencing itself as variegated for the purpose of Companionship. What is the cause of Self perceiving itself as variegated? The cause is loneliness aka aloneness. Self is alone but desires not to feel alone. As to the last word in the question; everything is Self and Self is everything. None of the above matters for all that matters is Love. Love is the purpose, the purpose is Love. Love being synonymous with Companionship.
~ Wald