The Golden Age

It is correct to note that there is no division in God. God is undivided. There never was, is, nor ever will be division in God. God Is. God Always Is. Human-kind has been taught to see itself as divided for Ungodly purposes. Human-kind has been taught to see everything as divided this although division does not exist. Human-kind has been taught to see itself as separate from God this although there is only God. The time of remembrance is upon us. It will now be remembered that division does not exist and that Human is Pure Spirit experiencing itself as Human this for but one purpose: to experience Companionship aka Love. It will soon be announced that there verily is no such thing as division. It will then be realized that that which is Human is indeed Pure Spirit and as such Deathless, Eternal and Divine. The time of remembrance has begun.
~ Wald