The Theoretical Sigularity is Self desiring not to be by Itself.

There is so much ignorance when it comes to 'The Chosen One', 'The King of Israel' or 'The Second Coming'. Why? It must be understood that the meaning of Hear O Israel is I is really One as in Indivisible. Sure; I is Diverse for Companionship, for Love. The purpose of Diversity is Companionship aka Love. But division? Division is the utmost form of foolishness. What it means is that the second coming is misunderstood for there is but One which eternally is. Reality in its totality is The Body of Jesus Christ. There never was, is, nor ever will be a second for the simple reason that God is always One without a second, without division. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. Division does not exist; the words of Jesus! Forgetfulness of the indivisible nature of God is the primary cause of most suffering in this world. Forgetfulness that in the beginning was NOT the word, NO, in the beginning there were no words after all. In the beginning was Self desiring not to be by itSelf. Is it not this what is the meaning of the Tower of Babel? Mass Confusion? Of course it is. Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. Self is all there is. Self is diverse. Yes. Self is diverse alright. But diversity does not imply division. Biodiversity means Self is diverse for Companionship. Biodivison? Nothing is more absurd. Self must forget about this divisionary nonsense. Bio is One means Self is One or God is One. When it is said that there is no division in the Kingdom of God it literally means God is Indivisible but Diverse for Companionship. All that is here is God desiring not to be by itself. All that is here is God desiring Companionship. All that is here is God desiring Love. God is not external. There is no externality. There is only God. God Itself Is. In conclusion. Love one another; there is no other. Otherness exists for togetherness.
~ Wald Wassermann