The Universe is No Thing but Self.

The answer to the question - is it possible for something to come from nothing? - is that both nothing and something are Self. Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. The grand design is Self. Self is undivided but perceives itself as divided not to be alone. Well; divided is a terrible word for there is no such thing as division. Division does not exist. There is only the perception of diversity. Sure, biology may call it sensory. It doesn't matter. All that matter's Love. You see, Self perceives itself as diverse not to be alone. Aloneness aka loneliness is indeed the cause and Companionship aka Love is correctly so the purpose. As to the fabric of the cosmos? The cosmos is Self. Self may call itself consciousness, awareness or anything it wants but it will always be itself and Self will always be One without a second. In conclusion: Self underwrites itself. The purpose is Love.
~ Wald