The Way is Love

Cosmologists once said that we were made of 'star-stuff' and that we were 'a way' for the universe to know itself. I hold the opinion that there is no 'stuff' and that the universe is not the universe but 'the way*' desiring not to be alone. As such I am certain that the meaning of Life is Companionship also known as Love. Buen Camino. (*้“ otherwise known as God/I/1/One/Self/ุงู„ู„ู‡/เฅ/เฉด/เคถूเคจ्เคฏเคคा/้“/ื™ื”ื•ื”/เคคเคค्/เฝ‘เฝ„་เฝ”ོเฝ ི་เฝฆเฝ„เฝฆ་เฝขྒྱเฝฆ།/et al).
~ Wald